Preparing Access and Metro Networks

Content aims to show future Access and Metro Aggregation networks architectures to cost effectively expand as bandwidth demands grow.

Going from 10G grey networks on dark fibre to 100G coloured WDM interfaces.

IPoDWDM: A Strong Trend – What is it About?

IP over DWDM is a networking approach, that integrates IP and optical transport technologies.

Basically, it’s a technology using DWDM pluggable transceivers embedded in a router, connecting directly into a DWDM system – eliminating the need for transponders, thus optimizing data transfer over optical networks.

This improves scalability, efficiency, and is leading to less complex networks, lower latency and lower cost.

.za Policy Developments Update

The ".za Policy Developments Update" session provides attendees with a comprehensive overview of the latest regulatory developments shaping the .za domain space. This session serves as a vital platform for stakeholders to stay informed about recent policy changes, updates, and initiatives that impact domain registration, governance, and management.

.za Policy Discussion on the Future of the Namespace (contd...)

The ".za Policy Discussion on the Future of the Namespace" delves into the pivotal role of policy in shaping the trajectory of the .za domain space. This discussion focuses on examining current policies and envisioning strategic initiatives to ensure the continued relevance and effectiveness of the namespace.

The Future of Privacy and Ethics in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

In 2023, AI was a buzzword - the trending topic in social media, networking sites and conferences. It is now a daily reality and every almost every organisation is experiencing a kind of information overload, trying to make sense of global guidelines which are rapidly being released and making decisions on their internal practices and governance policies for the responsible use of AI.

This article will explore the intricacies of the relationship between data privacy and individual rights as well some data privacy best practices in the age of AI.

Mapping South Africa’s Fibre Networks

This presentation looks at the challenges in building maps of SA’s many different fibre networks and reveals some interesting facts about the concentration and coverage of networks across the nation.

Future of Fibre - panel discussion (1 hour)

Annel van der Walt (moderator)

David Coleman - Frogfoot
Anton Kotze - Ellipsis
Mike Silber - Liquid Telecoms
Mark O’ Donoghue  - Link Africa 
Christian Wirtz - Metrofibre
Jan Vermeulen - MyBroadband

The country’s major fibre network operators are invited to share their thoughts on the future of the fibre industry in South Africa with a particular focus on opportunities for ISPs.