Programme overview

Here are the highlights of this year’s conference programme:

Day 1: Tuesday, 12 March 2024

Opening Ceremony (09:30-11:00)
Conference opening: ISPA’s Chairperson, Sasha Booth-Beharilal, will welcome delegates and open the ZANOG@iWeek2024 conference.

Keynote speaker: This year’s keynote speaker is Prof. Jess Auerbach. She is an anthropologist studying the politics of information infrastructure and the history of the internet in Africa, with a particular focus on the development of fibre optic cables connecting the continent to the rest of the world. Themes her research explores are use of the internet as a political tool, the impact of connectivity on social development and the disparities between the minority northern hemisphere and the majority south viewed through the lens of access to the internet. Prof. Auerbach will be talking about Capricious Connections and the Politics of the African Internet.

Technical stream [placeholder] (11:30-13:00)
The technical stream is packed full of the sort of operator-focused presentations you have come to expect from ZANOG events. If you are an engineer, network architect or involved in the business of running an ISP, you will find something of interest in this stream.

Presentations in this stream include:

  • DDoS Threat Intelligence Report - 2023H1 presented by Mark Campbell. 
  • Digging into the Orange Espana Hack presented by Jac Kloots.
  • BGP Connectivity Analysis: Methodology, Tools, Updates presented by Ivan Potapov.
  • Preparing Access and Metro networks presented by Byren Meintjes.
  • Internet Resilience in Southern Africa presented by Amreesh Phokeer.
  • Chasing RPKI-aware Communities in BGP presented by Massimiliano Stucchi. 
  • Anon-flow ftw! presented by Nishal Goburdhan.

Cybersecurity in SA (11:30-13:00)
ISPs increasingly have a role to play in cybersecurity initiatives. This session provides an update on South Africa’s national policy and legal framework, a first look at ISPA’s internet sector CSIRT project and a refresher on what an ISP should do when law enforcement comes knocking.

Presentations in this stream include:

  • National Cybersecurity Hub update
  • Reducing vulnerabilities on .ZA networks: ISPA’s project presented by  André van der Walt.
  • So you have someone from SAPS knocking on the door. What happens next? presented by Dominic Cull.

Technical stream continued [placeholder] (14:30-16:00)
This is the continuation of the technical stream.

Effective Transformation for ISPs (14:30-16:00)
Transforming a business to meet ICASA's licensing requirements or to improve a B-BBEE rating is challenging for companies of any size, but for SMME ISPs, the process can be particularly bewildering. This session sets out ICASA's requirements and strategies for effective transformation that are specifically suited for smaller ISPs.

Presentations in this stream include:

  • ICASA Control and Ownership Requirements for Licensees presented by Rolf Blom.
  • A B-BBEE roadmap for SMME ISPs presented by Corlia Swanepoel

Fundamentals of Cybercrime (training workshop) (14:30-16:00)
Learn about the fascinating and often scary world of cybercrime and how different forms of cybercrime have evolved in South Africa. Increase your understanding of syndicate identification and trend analysis of the prevalent cybercrimes. Workshop content will include vital information on how to secure yourself against cybercriminals.

Technical stream continued [placeholder] (16:30-18:00)
This is the continuation of the technical stream.

Fundamentals of Cybercrime (training workshop continued) (16:30-18:00)
This is the continuation of the cybercrime training workshop.

ISPA/Africa Data Centres cocktail function (18:00-late)
Mix and mingle with industry peers and professionals while enjoying refreshing cocktails and delectable hors d'oeuvres. This event offers the perfect opportunity to connect with fellow delegates, forge new partnerships, and unwind after a day of insightful discussions at ZANOG@iWeek 2024. Join us for an evening of relaxation and networking under the stars.

Day 2: Wednesday, 13 March 2024

Technical stream continued [placeholder] (09:30-11:00)
This is the continuation of the technical stream.

Domain Name Forum (09:30-11:00)
We are delighted to have South Africa’s national domain name regulatory (ZADNA), the national registry operator (ZARC) and the global domain name regulator (ICANN) all participating in a day-long Domain Name Forum. Also included in this stream is a fascinating presentation on the domain name industry across the African continent and a workshop on the CO.ZA transfer process hosted by ISPA’s Domain Name working group.

The Future of the .ZA space
The first part of today’s Domain Name Forum is an update on .ZA policy developments and a policy discussion on the future of the .ZA space, presented and facilitated by the .ZA Domain Name Authority (.ZADNA).

Artificial Intelligence (09:30-11:00)
This stream provides some practical advice on dealing with AI, including prompt engineering basics. It also looks at the intersection between data privacy, individual rights and use of AI and provides advice to businesses on making ethical decisions on how and when to use AI tools. This stream is ideal for tech business owners and anyone curious about AI used in business.

Presentations in this stream include:

  • Enough Room For Every-Botty: Content & Writing in the Age of AI by Tiffany Markman
  • The Future of Privacy and Ethics in the Age of Artificial Intelligence by Dhashina Ramia

Technical stream continued [placeholder] (11:30-13:00)
This is the continuation of the technical stream.

Domain Name Forum continued (11:30-13:00)
Navigating the Landscape
The .ZA Registry Consortium (ZARC) continues the Domain Name Forum with a workshop on navigating the ZA SLD domain name space (past, present and future). There will be a focus on current trends in domain name registration.

Online content and education (11:30-13:00)
With themes of protecting children online, the role of the FIlm and Publication Board, the impact of high-speed networks in higher education, and the role ISPs can play in addressing South Africa’s education crisis, this session is aimed at ISPs interested in social development and anyone involved in education initiatives.

Presentations in this stream include:

  • Protection of Children Online by Mashilo Boloka
  • Connecting the Dots: Addressing the Education Crisis in South Africa through ISP Solutions by Shireen Powell and Tim Genders
  • SANReN - High-Speed Network Dedicated to Science, Research, Education and Innovation Traffic by Sabelo Dlamini

Technical stream continued [placeholder] (14:30-16:00)
This is the continuation of the technical stream.

Domain Name Forum continued (14:30-16:00)
The Domain Name Forum continues with a workshop on KINDNS presented by ICANN. The KINDNS framework focuses on the most important operational best practices or concrete instances of DNS security best practices. The presentation includes use-cases in South Africa.

Market Study: Africa Domain Name Industry
Presented by William Stucke and Mark Elkins,
The Africa Domain Name Industry Market Study was commissioned by ICANN to assess the current state of the domain name sector across the continent, identify strengths and weaknesses in the industry ecosystem and provide recommendations to advance the industry so that it can realise its full potential. The authors of the study will present an overview of their research and findings.

Technical stream continued [placeholder] (16:30-18:00)
This is the continuation of the technical stream.

Domain Name Forum continued (16:30-18:00)
Improving the CO.ZA transfer process
The domain name forum concludes with a workshop on improving the CO.ZA transfer process, hosted by ISPA’s Domain Name working group.

INX-ZA User Meeting (16:30-18:00)
The INX-ZA User Meeting provides a platform for users to come together, share experiences, discuss network developments, and explore collaboration opportunities. Whether you're a seasoned INX-ZA user or new to the network, this meeting is open to all who wish to participate and contribute to the growth and improvement of the Internet Exchange.

Following the meeting, we invite you to unwind and socialise during our Whiskey Birds of a Feather (BoF) session. Savour a selection of fine whiskeys as you network with fellow attendees, exchange insights, and delve into spirited conversations about all things networking and beyond.

Beers for Peers (off site) (18:30-late)
Join us for an evening of networking and camaraderie at Beers for Peers! Unwind with colleagues and peers over refreshing drinks and lively conversations. This off-site event promises to be a great opportunity to connect, share ideas, and build relationships in a relaxed atmosphere. Don't miss out on the fun!

Day 3: Thursday, 14 March 2024

Fibre Forum (09:30-11:00)
Mapping SA’s Fibre Networks
This presentation looks at the challenges in building maps of SA’s many different fibre networks and reveals some interesting facts about the concentration and coverage of networks across the nation.

Future of Fibre panel discussion
The country’s major fibre network operators are invited to share their thoughts on the future of the fibre industry in South Africa with a particular focus on opportunities for ISPs. Each participant will have the opportunity to give a five minute opening statement and the panellists will then take questions from the floor.

Fibre Forum continued (11:30-13:00)
FNO/ISP Best Practice workshop
ISPA has developed comprehensive best practice recommendations for both FNOs and ISPs covering a wide range of issues. This workshop will start with an overview of these recommendations followed by a moderated discussion of some trickier topics, including best practices for handling line migrations between ISPs.

ISPA’s February 2024 FNO perception survey results
The bi-annual survey of ISPA’s members’ perceptions of FNOs provides an interesting perspective of how ISPs view each operator. The results of the February survey will be presented as well as an analysis of changes since August 2023.

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