Optical Networking

IP over DWDM is a networking approach, that integrates IP and optical transport technologies.

Basically, it’s a technology using DWDM pluggable transceivers embedded in a router, connecting directly into a DWDM system – eliminating the need for transponders, thus optimizing data transfer over optical networks.

This improves scalability, efficiency, and is leading to less complex networks, lower latency and lower cost.

The trend to IP over DWDM result from its ability to address the growing demand for high-capacity, low-latency communication between data centres and in the access of service provider networks, that is important for bandwidth-hungry applications like cloud computing and streaming services.

However, challenges are going hand in hand with innovation. More complex network management, 400G interoperability and the need for advanced technologies to ensure optimal performance.

Finally, an example of a IPoDWDM service implementation and monitoring.


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Matthias Kayser
Matthias Kayser

Matthias Kayser has 25 years experience in the optical networking industry. Matthias held several key positions in Presales, Product Management and Business Development with suppliers and system integrators before he joined Smartoptics in 2011.