Craig Pedersen

Craig Pedersen is a leading expert in digital forensics, cybercrime, and fraud investigation. As the head of TCG Forensics, he oversees operations in Cape Town and Pretoria, focusing on digital forensics and cybercrime. Craig is a Forensic Practitioner, and Cyber Crime Investigator with extensive experience in the investigation of Ponzi schemes and commercial crime. He is a registered Certified Fraud Examiner, Forensic Practitioner (ICFP), member of the IAFCI, South African Academy of Forensic Sciences and Fellow of the Internet Service Providers Association (SA). 

Craig is also the author of the Investigators Guide to Open Source Intelligence, a comprehensive resource for investigators seeking to enhance their skills in this area. In addition to his work as an investigator and author, Craig is an accomplished lecturer and regularly shares his expertise on topics such as OsInt and Cyber Crime Investigation. 

With his wealth of experience and knowledge, Craig is a sought-after speaker at conferences and events worldwide. His insights and expertise have helped numerous organizations navigate the complex landscape of digital forensics and cybercrime.