Corlia Swanepoel

Corlia is passionate about adding value in all spheres of business. She completed her Bcomm Honours Degree in Industrial Psychology at the University of Stellenbosch, whereafter she embarked on her career as a consultant specialising in Human Resource Development as well as Industrial Relations. Whilst pursuing her Masters Degree in Industrial Psychology on a part time basis, consulting to 21 permanent clients across all industries throughout the Western Cape, she completed her Masters degree as a cumlaude with a Golden Key membership award before registering as an Industrial Psychologist at the HPCSA. 

Corlia's ability to innovate and take risks has been an integral part of her success, whilst she often gets commended for her strategic approach, her clients remain at the business due to her ability to integrate their business needs with compliance requirements, therefor tangibly ensuring a higher return on investment. She builds long lasting relationships with clients and ensures that her presence adds value to every stakeholder she engages with. 

Her current success rate withing organisations is 100% as all clients Unframed engages with, achieves the outcomes they contracted her for. Adding her industrial psychology skills to her approach provides a unique service offering, that is effortlessly implemented across most industries within South Africa. With 10 years of integrated experience, she is involved throughout Unframed as Strategic B-BBEE Specialist and Industrial Psychologist.