Andre van der Walt

André has been in the IT Industry since 1999 and held various positions throughout his career.

He is a multi-skilled IT manager with good all-round supervisory and technical expertise. He has extensive practical knowledge of complex systems builds, hardware and software testing, network support, technical support and computer repairs gained through his years working at various ISPs and leading technical teams.

André has been involved with ISPA for over a decade, joining ISPA’s Antispam Working Group in 2007 and what was then known as the JINX Working Group in 2008. He has been on the ISPA Board since 2016, and was the Chairperson from 2020 for 3 consecutive years.

He is currently the Chief Operating Officer at SensePost & Orange Cyberdefense South Africa, leading international teams doing information security implementation and penetration testing and technical trainings.