ICANN KINDNS workshop (contd...)

A framework that focuses on the most important operational best practices or concrete instances of DNS security best practices. This is with use-cases in South Africa.

Shifting Perspective on B-BBEE Compliance and Implementation to Increase Transformation and Return on Investment

 The presentation challenges traditional views of B-BBEE compliance as a burdensome regulatory obligation.

Instead, it advocates for a shift in perspective towards viewing compliance as an opportunity to drive meaningful transformation within organizations. 

By aligning B-BBEE initiatives with broader business objectives, companies can unlock new opportunities for innovation, competitiveness, and market differentiation.

Building a Company using Skills Development as the Foundation

"Building a Company using Skills Development as the Foundation"" is a compelling presentation that offers a perspective – from the interns' perspective, on the pivotal role of skills development in organizational growth and sustainability. From the Student/Interns' Perspective: In this segment the presenter will give valuable insights into the experiences and perspectives of students and interns participating in skills development programs.