Protection of Children Online

The presentation will highlight the mandate of the Film and Publication Board and the ISP’s licensing and registration requirements. 

It will focus on the FPB’s role in protecting children against harmful content as well the combating of online child sexual abuse and exploitation material.

Connecting the Dots: Addressing the Education Crisis in SA through ISP Solutions

78% of children at age 10 in South Africa are unable to read for meaning.

Compare this to 3% in the UK, 4% in the USA, 13% in Chile and 35% in Iran and it is clear that South Africa will not globally compete in the next generation. 

Project Isizwe has deployed Wi-Fi into schools for learning and teaching with significant success. 80% of South African schools can be reached by ISPs either with fibre or fixed wireless. 

SA Connect has left schools off the 2.0 plan. We need to come together and help our future generation navigate a failed education system.