Enough Room For Every-Botty: Content & Writing in the Age of AI

By the time you have your next haircut, generative AI will be exponentially more powerful than it is today. Many humans are panicking. Are we about to be shown the door?

Nope. There’s “ENOUGH ROOM FOR EVERY-BOTTY”. Join international keynote speaker and award-winning (human) copywriter Tiffany Markman for the whys, hows and where-to-nows, plus the best tips for prompts that work. 

The Future of Privacy and Ethics in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

In 2023, AI was a buzzword - the trending topic in social media, networking sites and conferences. It is now a daily reality and every almost every organisation is experiencing a kind of information overload, trying to make sense of global guidelines which are rapidly being released and making decisions on their internal practices and governance policies for the responsible use of AI.

This article will explore the intricacies of the relationship between data privacy and individual rights as well some data privacy best practices in the age of AI.