Sasha Booth-Beharilal

Sasha Booth-Beharilal is the chairperson of ISPA. She is the Director of Group Data Privacy and Protection at NTT Ltd.

Dominic Cull


Dominic Cull works with ISPs and others to maintain a degree of sanity in the development and application of law and regulation in the ICT sector. 

Dominic has extensive experience in advising on the commercial and regulatory aspects of new technology and electronic communications ventures for local and international companies and policy and regulation in the ICT and telecommunications sectors, having spent 20+ years advising the public and private sector on ICT legal issues. 

ISPA’s February 2024 FNO Perception Survey Results

The bi-annual survey of ISPA’s members’ perceptions of FNOs provides an interesting perspective of how ISPs view each operator. 

The results of the February survey will be presented as well as an analysis of changes since August 2023.