Mapping South Africa’s Fibre Networks

This presentation looks at the challenges in building maps of SA’s many different fibre networks and reveals some interesting facts about the concentration and coverage of networks across the nation.

Future of Fibre - panel discussion (1 hour)

Annel van der Walt (moderator)

David Coleman - Frogfoot
Anton Kotze - Ellipsis
Mike Silber - Liquid Telecoms
Mark O’ Donoghue  - Link Africa 
Christian Wirtz - Metrofibre
Jan Vermeulen - MyBroadband

The country’s major fibre network operators are invited to share their thoughts on the future of the fibre industry in South Africa with a particular focus on opportunities for ISPs. 

ISP/FNO Best Practices workshop (1 hour)

ISPA has developed comprehensive best practice recommendations for both FNOs and ISPs covering a wide range of issues. 

This workshop will start with an overview of these recommendations followed by a moderated discussion of some trickier topics, including best practices for handling line migrations between ISPs. 

ISPA’s February 2024 FNO Perception Survey Results

The bi-annual survey of ISPA’s members’ perceptions of FNOs provides an interesting perspective of how ISPs view each operator. 

The results of the February survey will be presented as well as an analysis of changes since August 2023.