R180,000 (excl VAT)
Limited to two sponsors only

Petabyte Sponsorship
R180,000 (excl VAT)

Limited to two sponsors only

Sponsors are entitled to the following:

  • A 30-minute workshop as a parallel stream (this excludes the speaker). The sponsor is responsible for providing the presenter(s).
  • Four (4) free-standing 1M x 2M banners to be placed in an area to be determined.
  • A display table (1800 mm (L) x 600 mm (W) x 1100 mm (H) with two (2) chairs and plug point in the exhibition area. One banner is permitted next to the table. This is in addition to the other banners allowed. 
  • Making printed material / brochures/ flyers available to attendees.
  • Placing of printed material / brochures / flyers near the registration table for delegates.
  • Providing branded give-aways such as pens or notepads or any other promotional swag, thereby gaining additional exposure.
  • Corporate logo on the official event website with a link to the sponsor’s website.
  • 100-Word promotional paragraph on the sponsorship page of the website. Content to be provided.
  • One advert (5 Mb attachment limit) sent directly to the ISPA members just prior to the conference. 
  • Tweets on ISPA’s and ZANOG’s Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. 
  • Monitor logo display.
  • Additional branding may be permitted, subject to discussion with the organisers.
  • Sponsorship of four (4) representatives to attend the official evening event. Partners are welcome to attend.