Exabyte Sponsorship

R300,000 (excl VAT)
Exabyte sponsor

This sponsor is entitled to:

  • A 45-minute workshop as a parallel stream (this excludes the speaker). The sponsor is responsible for providing the presenter(s).
  • Five (5) free-standing 1M x 2M banners to be placed in the reception and tea/coffee area as well at the venue entrance.
  • One networking/conversation area 4mx4m (lounge setup). One banner to be placed in the networking/conversation area. This is in addition to the other banners allowed. 


iWeek banner
  • Making printed material / brochures/ flyers available to attendees.
  • Providing branded give-aways such as pens or notepads or any other promotional swag, thereby gaining additional exposure.
  • Corporate logo on the official website with a link to the sponsor’s website.
  • 150-Word promotional paragraph on the sponsorship page of the event website. Content to be provided.
  • One advert (5 Mb attachment limit) sent directly to the ISPA members just prior to the conference. 
  • Tweets on ISPA’s and ZANOG’s Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. 
  • Monitor logo display.
  • Additional branding may be permitted, subject to discussion with the organisers.
  • Sponsorship of five (5) representatives to attend the official evening event. Partners are welcome to attend. 

Exclusive to one (1) sponsor