Community Networking

90% of the homes in South Africa do not have WiFi and consequently pay up to 50 time more for data than those who have WiFi...

  • Africans use as much mobile data as Europeans but 5% of the fixed broadband data because the fixed broadband infrastructure is not there.
  • When considering internet revenue potential per hectare rather than per home, 8 million households are economically viable for a fixed broadband connection in South Africa.
  • Billing models need to address the African informal sachet economy. Daily per device pay as you go billing.
  • Project Isizwe has developed a model whereby schools are funding by community WiFi at R5 per day per device.
  • South Africa has the lowest internet access price at data centres in Africa
  • Low earth orbit satellites will have a major impact on fixed broadband to Africa as long as the allow aggregation.
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Tim Genders
Tim Genders

Tim Genders is the Head of Commercial at Project Isizwe and passionate about bringing the next billion online in Africa. He has been with Isizwe for the last 7 years taking responsibility for the sustainable development of WiFi connectivity.