The Internet Service Providers’ Association NPC (ISPA) is an Industry Representative Body, recognised in terms of the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act. The association was formed on 6 June 1996 and currently represents 220 Internet service providers with a diverse range of services and target markets.

Since its launch, ISPA has played an important role in the development of South Africa's communications and internet policy. ISPA has participated in policy discussions, made numerous presentations to policy makers on key legislative processes and produces regular advisories for its members on regulatory issues.

All members are bound to a Code of Conduct, which ensures good practice in the industry, by requiring all members to meet certain standards in terms of privacy, consumer protection, spam and protection of minors. Members of the public buying services from ISPA members know that they are being presented with honest and accurate information about those services and have recourse to ISPA if they are not.

ISPA is also active in promoting online safety, with a section of its website dedicated to safety resources.