Charging station
Charging station
Charging station lockers (2 x 20 doors)

R35,000 (excl VAT) 

Includes the following:
Secure Charging facility. / ▪ Locker door configurations –20 door
4 PIN combination locks (master key provided)
2 x individual charging cables per compartment (iPhone, Micro USB & Type C)
Plinth – adds height and extra branding space/all units have castor trolley wheels
Locker branding
Magnetic vinyl decals
Locker – top, bottom, front and back sections as well as, both sides of plinth
Note: Plinth sides 

Cocktail table charging station
Cocktail table charging station

R15,500 (excl VAT)

Includes the following:
8 x tamper proof industrial braided charging cables
Retractable cables/Apple iPhone, Android and Type C/LED backlit
Protected clear plexiglass cover
1 x extra AC outlet plug point for charging other devices
Customised branding - backlit print
Company branding

Branded Lanyards

R10,000 (excl VAT)

Official sponsor of the lanyards. 350-400 lanyards are required. The branding is for the sponsor’s own account.

iWeek banner

R6,000 (excl VAT)

A few additional standard pull-up banners can be accommodated for the duration of the conference. Please note that this will be allocated on a first-come-first served basis. Once the space has been depleted, this offer will close. 

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