Independent 4IR Consultant

Mr Magoma is an experienced independent 4IR consultant, strategist, innovator, renowned 4IR speaker, whose interest lies majorly in the SMEs segment. He has wide of experience in researching about 4.0 technologies that can digitalize, automate and improve business processes in the market. His also a subject matter expect in disruptive innovation, with a core understanding of digital disruption. His dire interest include socio-entrepreneurship, as he has been involved with many NPOs across the provinces and he has been an advocate for Youth entrepreneurship.

He has done well academically, having been nominated for several awards such as GradStar, UJenius, and has participated as a speaker and panelist for several engagements hosted both locally and internationally including the African Union, Africa Research Group, The Innovation Hub, the World Youth Forum in Egypt, SA innovation Summit and IT conferences etc. 

Not to mention, he also works for a leading IT firm in South Africa and he is exposed to the ICT world and continues to consults for major banks, pharmaceuticals, and other engineering firms. His goals this year is to enroll for an ITCP(SA) board exams to authenticate his IT skills. His also a member of the Institute of Management Consultant Southern Africa, where his undergoing the processes of being a certified management consultant.