ISPA Chairman

Graham is a member of the National Broadband Advisory Council where he advises the telecommunications ministry on issues of ICT development and infrastructure policy. He travels both nationally and internationally to drive collaboration between industry, government and civil society on telecommunications infrastructure development.

He started his first ISP while he was a student and has been responsible for the design and operations aspects of networks and infrastructure for a number of service providers since then. He has been involved in the roll out of fixed line and wireless networks throughout Africa using a variety of technologies. He has a broad experience with technical, commercial and policy issues within the telecommunications industry.

Graham is periodically involved in Internet technical standards development through the IETF and Internet policy development through AFRINIC. He is also involved in a number of cybersecurity and fraud prevention initiatives.


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Graham Beneke
ISPA Chairman
Graham is a strong proponent of reliable and resilient peering and interconnection. He chairs the INX-ZA management committee where he oversees policy and operations of the JINX, CINX and DINX Internet Exchange Points.
Adrian Tiplady
Head: Strategy & Business Systems at the South African Radio Astronomy Observatory
Adrian currently holds the position of Head: Strategy & Business Systems at the South African Radio Astronomy Observatory, which is responsible for managing South Africa’s involvement in the international SKA Project as well as the construction and operation of the MeerKAT radio telescope.
Brian Armstrong
Chair - Digital Business, Wits Business School
Prof. Brian Armstrong is one of the foremost ICT industry leaders in South Africa, with over 30 years of top level management experience in Telecommunications, IT, technology R&D and systems engineering, both in South Africa and abroad. He is widely regarded as a thought leader in digitalisation, convergence and business strategy.