Andile Tlhoaele

Andile Tlhoaele is the Chairperson of the B-BBEE ICT Sector Council. He has been part of the development of the B-BBEE ICT Sector Code since the start in 2003. Tlhoaele’s day-to-day activities includes managing a number of companies operating in IT, Telecoms, electronic instrumentation, applications development, online community collaboration, BEE consulting, PR & Design Marketing.

Tlhoaele is the former member of the Presidential Advisory Council Sub-committee on Instruments to Promote Verification and Charters. Tlhoaele is the former chairperson of ABVA (Association of BEE Verification Agencies), the industry body representing BEE verification agencies now called ABP.

He completed the BEE Management Development Programme with Unisa, the Harvard Business School’s (HBS) Key Executive Programme and Leading Your Small Business Through Its Life Cycle in Boston, Massachusetts US.