This tutorial will introduce the different IPv6-only transition technologies that apply to both broadband and cellular networks, comparing them and discussing the required steps to deploy IPv6-only with IPv4-as-a-Service (IPv4aaS) in an ISP/Enterprise network.

The transition mechanisms will include:

  • - Dual-stack.
  • - Tunnelling (6rd, DS-Lite, lw4o6, MAP-E, e.t.c.).
  • - Translation (MAP-T, 464XLAT, NAT64, e.t.c.)

The main effort will be devoted to how to setup NAT64, DNS64 and 464XLAT and the implications for DNSSEC and possible solution approaches, based on IETF work. 

This is a hands-on workshop.

Participants need to bring their own laptops. I will provide a router and AP's to connect to the lab network, and we will setup a fully working "ISP" with 464XLAT.

The participants of this workshop need to bring a laptop with complete administrative rights (battery fully charged), even for the BIOS and wireless interfaces. They will need to use a Linux VM (provided during the workshop) with VirtualBox and have about 12GB free disk space 

Jordi Palet Martinez, The IPv6 Company


Jordi Palet Martinez
Jordi Palet Martinez

Jordi Palet Martínez has been working in computers, networking, and the telecom business for past 30 years. His experience includes programming in several languages, OS porting, electronic and microcomputer circuit design, consultancy and network design and implementation, amongst others.

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