The recent announcement of two major submarine cable initiatives by Facebook and Google - titled Simba and Equiano - have plunged Africa into a crisis with deep divisions on how to react to the OTT's attempts at encircling the entire African continent with their very high fiber-count fiber, which has the potential to destroy the local and regional initiatives in that space. The keynote speech I will deliver will try to dive deep into the real problems facing the African carriers and how to deal with the OTT's from a strategic and economic perspective. I will try to come up with a potential solution to this crisis.

Sunil Tagare, OpenCables Inc.


Sunil Tagare
Sunil Tagare
OpenCables Inc.

Sunil Tagare is the founder and CEO of OpenCables, Inc., a development company in the submarine cable industry.

OpenCables is currently working on developing a submarine cable connecting Lisbon and Marseille -- connecting West African countries to Europe and East African countries.

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