This talk will introduce three basic new protocols (with references to several IETF documents) that are already changing the way Internet works and are very relevant for operators. HTTP/2 was introduced already in 2015, based on the SPDY protocol developed and tested by Google. It allows multiplexing several requests into a single TCP connection, improving performance and avoiding the need to queue those request in the client and blocking among them. During the SPDY development, it was also obvious that TCP is inefficient for most of the actual Internet usages, so this work (IETF QUIC WG) is developing a UDP-based, stream-multiplexing, encrypted transport protocol. Finally, the DNS over HTTPS (DOH) IETF WG, is standardizing the encoding of DNS queries and responses over HTTPS, which will solve certain problems of existing DNS methods. This will avoid that authorities impose traffic discriminations or censorship, as if they wish to do so, with DOH they will need to restrict full access to the web server providing the DOH.


Jordi Palet Martinez
Jordi Palet Martinez

Jordi Palet Martínez has been working in computers, networking, and the telecom business for past 30 years. His experience includes programming in several languages, OS porting, electronic and microcomputer circuit design, consultancy and network design and implementation, amongst others.

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