PeeringDB has been around for 15 years. An entry in PeeringDB is a must-have if you want to interconnect with other networks. There is no other dabatase where you have all the information about networks, Internet Exchange Points and Facilities/Colocation in one place, nicely interlinked. As PeeringDB is so important, a Seattle (US) based association was set up in late 2015. In March 2016 a wholly new version of PeeringDB (PeeringDB 2.0) was released with an intuitive GUI and a powerful API. This presentation gives an overview of PeeringDB, both from an organizational as well as a technical point of view and highlights the latest developments. We also present statistics about the SAFNOG region from a PeeringDB perspective. 

Arnold Nipper, DE-CIX


Arnold Nipper
Arnold Nipper

Arnold Nipper has been in the Internet industry since 1989. He was instrumental in setting up RIPE, DeNIC and the academic and research IP network in Germany while working at one of the first commercial ISP's in Germany.

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