Thomas will describe, in detail, the structure inside optical transceivers. A Transmitter/Receiver Optical Sub Assembly (TOSA/ROSA) is no longer just a diode in a housing handling the light path to and from to the fiber. The performance increases from 10G to 100G and onward to 400G - are not only giant steps in bandwidth, they are also matching leaps in manufacturing. How did the optical industry players around the globe make it possible to squeeze everything into the tiny form factors we see today? It is about all precision - a microscope with a calm and competent hand is no longer sufficient. Now it is about; nano tolerances, testing, complex transceiver firmware and a shed load of money. This is the high precision optical mechanical engineering revolution which fuels the hyper growth of data centers and optical networking worldwide. Thomas will also dive into the basics of how FEC compensates for errors caused by PAM4 modulation. 


Thomas Weible
Thomas Weible

As co-Founder and CTO of Flexoptix GmbH, Thomas formerly lead the groundbreaking software development within the company.

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