• How has the market changed since the big bang VANS licensing?
  • ISP priorities: reality vs. ideal
    • What day-to-day issues are most ISPs focusing on at the moment?
    • What issues should ISPs be focusing on at the moment if they want to still be around in ten years time?
  • Fixed vs. mobile Internet: Which offers more opportunities for ISPs?
  • Panel debate: ISPA's lobbying position on access to mobile customers


Mike Silber
Mike Silber

Mike is Group Head Regulatory at Liquid Telecom. He serves on various boards and volunteers for several Internet related organisations. Mike believes there is no place like

André van der Walt
André van der Walt
Chair: ISPA Security Working Group

Andre started his career in IT looking for constant challenges.

Grant Marais
Grant Marais

I am an international Telecoms executive, with in-depth experience in consumer, B2B and public sector markets.

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